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NCE Performance Programming

Summer Select

A comprehensive elite Summer soccer program for Players who have

excelled in NCE Training Programs.

Unlimited Training

Top Performers

Competitive Events

3 x Summer Showcases

Performance Profile

Full Player Evaluation

Residential & International Events

Preferential Pricing

“A comprehensive Summer training, camp & competitive program for the top performing NCE players”

“Elite focused coaching for the very best young players in professional, player centered environment”


Professional Program

Unlimited Elite Coaching

NCE Soccer’s Regional Select Squads reward players who have consistently excelled in NCE programming.

Selected players receive unlimited Summer Training and can attend as many NCE sessions as they wish throughout the summer.

Players could train three times per week with NCE if they wished throughout the 8-week training program


Showcase Events

Competitive Events

Summer Select players will automatically be selected for the International Showcase.

Players will take part in both internal and external tournaments throughout the Summer months with at least 3 x competitive events.


Summer 2023

Performance Profile

As part of the Summer Select Program, each selected player will receive our unique NCE Performance Profile.

The Performance Profile provides players with unparalleled insight. It allows them to pinpoint weaknesses they can improve, and the strengths they can Super-Strength.

Every Summer Select player will be marked in five key competencies; Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Social & Physical.


NCE Performance Program

Residential Camps

NCE Summer Select players receive a 10% discount on all NCE Summer Residential Camps and International Tours during the Summer season.

Select Your Nearest Venue

NCE Soccer Programming is hosted at venues throughout the New York Metro, New England, SoCal and North Atlantic regions.

We careful select venues to ensure our players work on the best turf surfaces with indoor and outdoor options to ensure all-year-round programming.

Use our interactive map to find your nearest venue or talk to our team via the link.

NCE Soccer Regions

Soccer Programming By Region

New England

Programming across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

New York Metro

Programming in New York, Manhattan, Long Island, Yonkers and New York State.

North Atlantic

Programming across Central and Southern Jersey, Delaware and Northern Maryland.

South California

Programming from Lancaster to Santa Clarita and Temecula and as far West as Long Beach.

“I start early, day after day after day, year after year.It took me 17-years-and-114 days to become an overnight success.”

“I start early, day after day after day, year after year. It took me 17-years-and-114 days to become an overnight success.”

Lionel Messi – Barcelona, PSG & Argentina

NCE Soccer Regions

Soccer Programming By Season


Full range of NCE Soccer programming as well as an international touring party to Italy.


NCE Soccer Summers include Residential Camps, Day Camps, International Tours as well as our domestic programming.


Full range of COE Programming and the period when our elite players are selected for next seasons international tours.


Partnering with the best indoor venues with state of the art turf, air conditioning and top facilities.

NCE Soccer Skills School

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