NCE Soccer has developed a revolutionary player development app designed to help players take ownership of their personal development.

This breakthrough online player performance system is totally unique and provides unparalleled insight for NCE Soccer players and parents.

The NCE Player Performance Profile tool has been developed by a team of experts, across various fields and is exclusive to NCE Soccer.

It will be housed in the new NCE Soccer Family Portal and contains everything relevant to their soccer career and ongoing education.

NCE Founder John Curtis explained: “Regular feedback to the players selected for COE is a vital part of the development process. Until now we’ve had no satisfactory method of delivering regular feedback effectively.”

“Feedback stimulates players to think about their own development and can be the catalyst for targeted personal improvement. We know from experience that players who take ownership of their own development are far more successful in the long run.”


“Our new Player Performance Profile tool provides players & parents with unparalleled insight into their own development.

“It isn’t generic, it is not an off-the-shelf piece of software, this is something we have tailor-made to suit the programs, and most importantly the players needs.

“Player performance will be evaluated across five core performance areas, all significant for soccer, with several being vital to helping players as students and as young people. Physical, psychological, social, tactical, and technical insights will be recorded, allowing players to identify specific areas for growth within each.

“The profile splits each of the 5 categories into 6 individual competencies, so, for example, a player’s technical ability considers 1 v 1 attacking, crossing and finishing, heading. passing, running with the ball and receiving skills.

“But it goes deeper than that. So we break down each of the six competencies like passing, into key characteristics; short passing, long passing, their ability to loft or curl the ball, first-time passing, and more.

“The new performance profile allows us to analyze each individual player’s game by category, competency, and characteristic, providing meaningful feedback, designed to inspire them to think more deeply about their development.

Beyond Soccer

The technical and tactical core performance areas are obviously soccer-related, but the physical, psychological, and social categories can go ‘Beyond Soccer’.

Competencies like Leadership, Concentration, Communication & Respect transcend the soccer field, and focussed growth in these areas can be incredibly impactful in all areas of the player’s lives.

They help us to develop our young players as people and students away from soccer – ultimately using the player’s passion for soccer to inspire overall personal growth.”

Performance profiles are being piloted this Fall and will be officially launched as part of our Winter Programming which begins next month.

Family Portal

The NCE Performance Profile will be accessible via the Family Portal, which was launched as part of the Fall Season.

This Portal is each families NCE hub and contains EVERYTHING relevant to their soccer career and future education.

Contact details, performance profile, highlight videos, academic information, test scores athletic records and achievements.

The Portal will provide crucial feedback from NCE Soccer, all housed in an easy to navigate Tab, and will include relevant information including Scouting and Community Events.

NCE Director of Operations Mikaela Howell said: “We want to make life as easy as possible for our parents and the Family Portal does just that.

“It means families can log-on at their leisure and immediately access all of the information relevant to their son or daughter.

“It allows them to manage payments, credits, apply for tryouts, and all NCE programming.

“Many of our events require players to pre-selected and so parents will only see the events available to their children.

“It is particularly useful for families who may have more than one child as they can manage their NCE Soccer experience at the same time.”

Local Venues

The family portal lists all venues offering NCE Soccer programming and, crucially, how far away they are from each venue.

Parents can access the portal via the Family Login link on the home page of our website or, if save the page as a bookmark and use it as a mini-app from your smartphone.

To learn more, or to seek any assistance get in touch via

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