Welcome to the NCE Player Performance Profile

The mission of the Performance Profile is to inspire players to take ownership of their personal development and growth. By taking a snapshot of key performance indicators and suggesting areas of development focus, we hope all players can accelerate their growth, both on and off the field.

A players personal development starts with understanding where they are at the moment, versus where they want to be, and what is expected of them to get there. To understand and identify development opportunities, players need to know their strengths and weaknesses. And this is exactly the kind of feedback the Performance Profile provides.

At the end of each COE season the profile will identify 3 characteristics, that if developed further would have the greatest impact on overall development. Two of these characteristics will be weaknesses and players will be advised to try and improve these during the upcoming three month period. The third characteristic will be the players greatest strength.


Identification of key characteristics to be improved, should assist the player in forming a focussed plan of action for working on elements of the game that are less well established, as well as helping to reduce any uncertainty the player should have as to what to work on.

This feedback may then be used to form the basis of the initiation of training goals to facilitate the player improving their scores on the characteristics identified as well as impacting on other, related characteristics and, as a consequence, raise their competency scores overall.

Super Strength

Although in coaching there has traditionally been a reliance on deficit-focused feedback, the use of feedback that acknowledges and reinforces areas of relative strength are also beneficial as a basis for development. While it is important that such feedback does not result in players employing the characteristic as their ‘go-to’ default skill or it becoming the sole basis of their soccer identity, it does demonstrate to players that strengths are recognized.

This provides a stimulus and incentive for focussing on both ends of the development spectrum. As a consequence of adopting this dual approach, motivation and enjoyment are likely to be enhanced, not to mention the mental health benefits.

The Structure


The NCE Performance profile is divided into 5 key categories, each vital for the personal development and growth of young athletes.







Competencies are recognizable skills or sets of skills you would associate with soccer.

The Technical, Tactical, Psychological & Social categories are split into 6 competencies each.

The Physical category is split into 4 competencies. Speed, Agility, Power & Endurance.


Characteristics are observable traits that we use to identify proficiency of otherwise of a particular competency.

Example – One of our Characteristics associated with Leadership is;

By a combination of actions and words, acts as a cultural architect. (e.g. good work ethic, sets an example for team-mates, fosters goal attainment in the group and displays control over emotions)

The Grading


With the NCE Global Grading method any player may receive any grade from 1-25. In most cases a player within any one of the age groupings would receive a grade score within the range of 5 associated with that age grouping, however the grade scale allows for the option of receiving a grade that is higher or lower than the age groupings thresholds.

The competency grades are displayed in the radar diagrams for 4 of the 5 performance categories.

Age Group NCE Global Grade
9U 1-5
10U 1-5
11U 6-10
12U 6-10
13U 11-15
14U 11-15
15U 16-20
16U 16-20
17U 21-25
18U 21-25


To grade each characteristic we have used a numerical system that relates to a worded grade. Each worded grade has a definitive description relating to the frequency with which, complexity-level at which and context within which the player demonstrates the competency.

Worded Grade

Numerical Grade

Definitive Description



Not enough reliable evidence available to provide a competency grade at this level

Novice/ Embarking


Demonstrates this characteristic at a basic and fundamental level, and only infrequently in a limited number of non-challenging situations. Lack of familiarity with characteristics required. Relies on recipe-style instruction, commentary coaching and/or timely reminders.

Emerging/ Developing


Established fundamentals with more prominent and observable demonstration of this characteristic exhibited in a variety of situations and on a greater number of occasions. Deliberate attempts made at application and execution of this characteristic, occasionally exhibited when in challenging situations although not often with a successful outcome.



Evidence of this characteristic at an increasingly acceptable and effective level with increasing frequency and across a wider variety of situations, while being more resistant to challenge and demonstrating understanding of what is required and when to apply it.



Consistent and thorough application of this characteristic in a wide variety of challenging situations.

Accomplished/ Exceptional/ Advanced


Demonstrates this characteristic at a level beyond what might be expected and in an assured manner at all times and in the most challenging of situations without exception, mostly with a successful outcome.


We use mean averages extensively within the performance profile, to provide a benchmark for players to gauge their own grades. There are several important points to consider when using the mean average of COE players as a benchmark. The player population within COE is heavily top sliced. This means the COE average is definitely not average when compared to the general soccer population. Secondly, not every player has taken part in the performance profile and the average displayed is the average of those players who have signed up, not the true average of the age group.

Rather than compare themselves to the age group average, it is hoped that players will use historical grades and compare their current self against their past self. Each seasonal snapshot of the profile providing a personal benchmark to compete against. We want the players to compete against themselves.

Excellence Score

The principle of the Excellence Score originates in NCE’s mission; ‘To utilizes a passion for sport to ignite & inspire, a desire for lifelong personal development & growth.’ The aim of the score is to use a players passion for sport to positively impact other key areas of their lives. Their academic achievement and their engagement as a force for good in their community.

56% Athletic

32% Academic

12% Community

= 100%

The NCE Excellence Score is a holistic representation of a players progress. With a range from 0-100, the number itself is derived from a combination of 3 factors.

56% of the score is based on the players Athletic ability, derived from results of their performance profile, 32% is Academic achievement, calculated by using a players GPA and the final 12% of the score is based on their Community engagement and charitable work.