Whatever a players current level, our aim at NCE is to help them progress to the next. We firmly believe each child possesses limitless potential and with the right support and nurture, children can achieve remarkable feats. Our programs can be vital tools to assist parents and teachers unlock these endless capabilities. The confidence, teamwork, leadership and resilience developed and fostered in NCE programming helps players flourish in every area of their life.

NCE Programs

Key Training Program Principles

  • 7-11 Age Groups
  • Inclusive
  • Player centered
  • Fun
  • Technically focused
  • Freedom to express themselves
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Delivered by Center of Excellence Coaching staff

Key Training Program Principles

  • 11-15 Age Groups
  • Selective
  • Professional Environment
  • Player centered
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Holistic Development Focus
  • High Intensity
  • Delivered by Center of Excellence Coaching staff

Key Training Program Principles

  • 15+
  • Selective
  • College Focus
  • Showcasing & College Process Education
  • Combines, Showcase, Camp, Training & Webinars
  • Delivered by College and NCE Staff
NCE Residential Camp 2019
Parent Testimonials

‘A wonderful training addition that complements every club training. Great skills program that helps fine tune foot work and skills of any players who aspire to play at the highest level. I would definitely recommend it and we look forward to continue training with John Curtis in the spring.’ Maryse Wilcox

‘Excellent program from top to bottom. Phenomenal coaching and direction. I can not say enough about NCE and how much my daughter has excelled within this program.’ James Joseph

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Individual Program Details


NCE Programs link together to provide age appropriate instruction during each phase of your child’s development. Starting in ZONE 1 players are given freedom and autonomy, during less structured games based practices, to express and experiment. This inclusive program for 7-11 year olds, separates players by current ability during the sessions, ensuring all players are challenged appropriately. The small sided game (SSG) and fun elements of this program are high, as we focus on fostering their love of playing the game.

Development Overview

In the ZONE 1 Program, children learn and develop to their full potential through game-like experiences in an enjoyable environment that supports individual growth.

Players are encouraged to express themselves freely in the player centered development environment. Sessions are deliberately less structured, with more play based activities to foster creativity and enjoyment.

Advanced players are identified for NCE, Regional and National Select Squad inclusion. Including International tours, Domestic and International Residential Camps.

Players are grouped by ability within each session to ensure all players are challenged appropriately.


As players mature, they are more accustomed and more able to deal with the rigors of selective programming. The COE program by its very nature is highly selective. Only players showing the most promise from the ZONE 1 Program will graduate into COE. These players will be joined by others who are successfully selected at the tryout, into this comprehensive player development program, that also includes GK specific training. At ages 12-15, our focus shifts toward high intensity sessions, with many small sided exercises, designed to improve understanding and promote a higher soccer IQ. The intensity and drive of play within each session forces players out of their comfort zones and into a superior development environment.

Development Overview

COE Selective nature ensures that all players are challenged to their limits.

High intensity sessions are designed to foster speed of play and hone individual techniques. The program covers a new topic each week, ensuring all players receive a comprehensive soccer education designed to push them to the next level.

Advanced players are identified for NCE, Regional and National Select Squad inclusion. Including International tours, Domestic and International Residential Camps and the NCE Pro Pathway.

  • NCE Soccer International Residential Camp


The focus for most talented High School players, will be using the attributes developed on the soccer field, to help their College Recruitment Process. The NCE College ID Program is specifically designed to educate, promote and showcase players to that end. A combination of Training Program, Webinars, Combines, ID Camp and finally Showcase tournament, allied with a personal recruitment service, provide each player with an invaluable resource in their search for their ideal college. College ID is the culmination of NCE programming and the character traits and attitudes forged across NCE programming culminate here to provide players with the best possible foundation from which to start the next phase of their lives.

Development Overview

Selective program for high school players who graduate out of COE

Personalized College recruitment program with expert advice from former College players and current college coaches

5 distinct components that unite to create a complete college recruitment package.

College Recruitment education & showcasing

Training Sessions, Webinars, Combines, Camp & Showcase