NCE Soccer have agreed an official partnership with leading soccer agency Promoesports.

The link-up provides the very best NCE Soccer players with a fast track to one of the biggest player agencies in the world.

It means as well as providing our older elite players with trials at professional clubs and scholarships around the world, we can now ensure their footballing future is secure.


Promoesports US are headed by our very own Brad Friedel and they will provide our recommended players with the very best representation, as they begin their journey into professional soccer.

Their services include:

  • complete player management
  • mediation with other players / clubs
  • legal services
  • scouting
  • patrimonial and tax assessment
  • communication and marketing

NCE Soccer has been helping the very best players progress through the NCE program from Centre of Excellence to College ID and then into the ProPathway, the pinnacle of NCE programming.

NCE Soccer has helped those players who have demonstrated they have the desire, character and potential to play at the professional level, with a pathway into Europe, for trials at professional clubs including Manchester United, Manchester City and a host of top European clubs.

Now, through our link up with Promoesports, we can provide young players with the ultimate representation and guidance and continue their development long into their career.

Pro Game

NCE Soccer founder John Curtis, said: “We want our young players to receive the best coaching, to give them the best chance of succeeding in the pro game, so it makes sense that we don’t want it to end there.

“We know the professional game and we know the pressures and the perils and all of the other things away from performances on the pitch, that become crucial to professional success.

“We understand the pressures faced by young players and their families from agents, who may see the players as way to a quick buck and this means we can provide an element of protection.

“Let’s be clear, there are good and bad agents, but this relationship with Promoesports provides the player with the continuity, they know that we remain by their side.

“It is a very exciting prospect and we look forward to seeing the relationship develop.”


Promoesport has a clear commitment to having a physical presence in all the countries in which this sport is important.

“Where football is” is Promoesport International’s slogan and is a clear declaration of its intention to be found in any part of the planet in which a ball is kicked.

Young players in the United States do not have the same opportunities as their counterparts in Europe and South America.

The lack of professional youth development knowledge, a fragmented youth soccer landscape, domestic soccer politics and the sheer size of the country conspire to restrict young players from gaining access to the professional programs.

Now Promoesport’s Brad Friedel is determined to make the transition easier for NCE Soccer students.

He said: “Myself and everyone at Promoesport USA are delighted to be joining forces with NCE Soccer.

“Everyone at Promoesport USA are looking forward to being on the field training a lot of talented players with the hopes of helping them reach the next level in their development and we believe linking up with NCE will no doubt speed up this process.”

* To learn more about NCE Soccer and the ProPathway program click this link.