Weymouth’s South Shore lives and breathes soccer – and Union Point is its beating heart.

The 25-acre sports complex provides a top-class all-year-round fix, for those seeking soccer in a professional set-up.

Four fields, perfectly prepared for age-related football, first-class changing facilities make Union Point one of the top soccer venues in Massachusetts – and they aren’t going to let a little thing like Covid-19 get in the way this Winter!

Not that they aren’t taking the threat of Coronavirus seriously. Quite the opposite in the fact.

Turf Disinfecting Machine

Union Point are leading the fight against Covid-19 and has introduced a range of measures to help stop the spread – including a revolutionary ride-on turf disinfecting machine.

With such perfect facilities, it seems only right, that Union Point at a soccer finishing school, to its offerings.

“It’s a natural fit for us and Union Point,” NCE Soccer Technical Director John Curtis, explained.

“We know there is a wealth of talented young soccer players across the whole of Massachusetts but the South Shore area appears to be a particular hotspot, and we can help the very best of the players develop their talent, to reach their potential.

“Our coaches bring the highest quality, ex-Premier League, ex-internationals, coaches with huge experience and totally dedicated to making the very best players even better.

“We make no apology for setting high standards. We are not for the masses, we want quality not quantity and that is why the choice of venue is so important to us. We demand quality and the facilities at Union Point are first class.”

Winter Tryouts

Led by former Manchester United defender John Curtis, NCE Soccer prides itself on its club neutral, non-political position.

NCE Soccer exists solely to develop elite players, and, attracts boys and girls aged 8-18-years from across the region to tryout for the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Center of Excellence program.

COE is only the start of the NCE Soccer journey. The very best players are selected from within the program to represent NCE Soccer at tournaments around the world.

They include the Gothia World Cup for Girls in Sweden, the Milano International Football Festival, and residential camps in England taking on the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and other top-class clubs.

Aspiring College athletes can are properly prepared through our College ID Programming whilst our Pro Pathway connects outstanding individuals with trials at pro clubs around the world and prepares them for their journey into professional soccer.

This Winter, NCE Soccer’s COE Program will run for 12 weeks at Union Point, launching with tryouts in December attracting the best players from Weymouth, Abington, Rockland, and Boston.

South Shore

Greg Hagan, General Manager at Union Point, said: “Soccer is HUGE in Weymouth but especially in the South Shore, where Union Point is located.

“The South Shore has a very big soccer presence and a lot of high-quality high school programs as well as club programs.

“Weymouth has always been a huge soccer town with homegrown talent from the youth level all the way to high school.

“The same goes for all the surrounding towns in the South Shore. I guess you could say South Shore lives and breathes soccer.

“Our soccer clients, and other clients, are traveling from all over Massachusetts to utilize Union Point Sports and we have multiple sponsors at the facility now.”

Aside from the excellent facilities, Union Point is taking every step to protect against Covid-19, with a range of measures to stop the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

Covid Protocols

They have invested in a revolutionary eco-friendly turf disinfecting machine, as well as taking steps which including asking parents to remain in their car, restricting numbers of people within the facility, and other steps.

Mr Hagan added: “In terms of Covid-19, we follow the State of Massachusetts Guidelines and update them as needed.

“We continue to monitor updates and follow Covid protocols established by health authorities as well as local, state, and federal government mandates.

“We have invested in a UV cart which is used to keep our fields Covid-19 free. The machine is electric, it’s environmentally friendly.

“It contains six, high-powered LED UVC lights attached to the underside that disinfect viruses and other organisms. With one single pass at 5mph, we can disinfect Covid at 99.9%. At two passes, other viruses such as Hepatitis to 99.9%. The light spends approximately a quarter of second passing over the turf, meaning there is no damage to the turf.

“Like you, we are firmly committed to prioritizing the health of our families, friends, and society during this unparalleled time and our disinfectant turf machine ensures our fields are clean and virus free.”

NCE Soccer has introduced its own Covid Protocol but will continue to work with every venue to keep players, staff, and their families safe.

* To register for tryouts for NCE Soccer’s Winter Program or to learn more about the NCE Program click this link.

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