It’s SIX weeks to the start of our Spring COE Season – and we can’t wait!

Applications to attend our Centre of Excellence programs are now open for venues in our New York Metro, North Atlantic and New England regions.

Fifteen venues are now confirmed and this Spring, NCE Soccer will be offering 15 specialist outfield programs and FIVE stand alone dedicated goalkeeping programs.

We are excited to introduce Sports Underdome, Mount Vernon and Stony Brook University, Stony Brook to our New York venues.

InSports, Trumbull, Wide World of Indoor Sports in Montville are new venues for NCE in New England and and XL Sports World in Hatfield is new for our North Atlantic players.

Spring Program

“We can’t wait for the Spring program to begin, the weather is improving and the US immunization program is advancing rapidly to allow us to get back to some sort of normality,” NCE Soccer founder John Curtis explained.

“The COE Program continues to grow and the additional benefits we are introducing for our soccer students through the COE+ are really exciting.

“The roll-out of the Player Performance Profile has been a tremendous success and we expect more and more players to take advantage of that in the Spring.

“We have recently began the first set of Physical testing of players who signed up during the Winter and it has really caught the imagination of our players and their parents.

“This is not a gimmick. The testing provides us with crucial insight which highlight areas our players can work on to improve their abilities as a player.

“The testing takes place once a season and it will fascinating to compare results in the Spring with those players tested in the Winter, to see how much they have been able to improve.”

Supplementary Soccer Coaching

NCE Soccer’s Center of Excellence Program provides supplementary soccer coaching for boys and girls aged 8-18-years. It is none politicized and is designed to maximize individual player potential.

Players must secure their place in our COE Program via tryouts and, the program makes no apology for setting an extremely high standards.

“We will take fewer players than compromise on quality,” coach Curtis explained.

“We don’t want to be just ‘another’ coaching program, there are lots of those and they are driven by numbers, quantities of attendees rather than quality.

“We have a long term strategy and, our elitist attitude, means our players know that they will be training alongside equally talented players.

“We have a team of highly qualified soccer coaches with international and Premier League experience and a team of globally recognized consultants.

“The COE Program provides our soccer students with access to a host of resources designed to help and inspire them, negotiate the college process and naturally, become better players.

“We are now starting to see the results of our success, with a number of players who have come though out system now joining Pro Clubs or committing to first class Colleges and Universities.

“It’s hugely satisfying and I can’t wait to get back out on the field.”

Tryouts for the Spring COE Program will begin on April 16 in the New York and New England regions, and on April 18 in the North Atlantic regions.

For full tryout dates, times click this link

New York Metro venues confirmed for the Spring are:

Sports Underdome, Mt Vernon, Stony Brook University, St0ny Brook, Superdome Sports, Waldwick, Coleman Country Day, Merrick, Hudson Valley Sportsdome, Milton and Socceroof, Brooklyn.

Goalkeeping COE Programs will be hosted at Sports Underdome, Mt Vernon, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook and Coleman Country Day, Merrick.

Apply for your place at the above venues via this link

New England Venues

Union Point Sports Complex, Weymouth, Wide World of Indoor Sports, Montville, Oakdale CT, Sports World, East Windsor, CT Sportsplex, North Branford CT, InSports, Trumbull, CT.

Goalkeeping COE Program will be hosted at Sports World, East Windsor, CT.

Apply for your place at the above venues via this link

North Atlantic

Total Turf, Pitman, XL Sports World, Hatfield, PA, Metuchen Sportsplex, Metuchen, NJ, XL Sports World, Cherry Hill, NJ

Goalkeeping COE Program will be hosted at Total Turf, Pitman, NJ

Apply for your place at the above venues via this link