NCE Soccer’s exciting Performance Profile is LIVE for the holiday season!

Our exclusive, innovative, brand new app provides NCE Soccer Center of Excellence Players with never before seen inside information.

It allows our players to literally OWN their own development.

The Performance Profile provides Center of Excellence players with unparalleled insight. It allows them to pinpoint weaknesses they can improve, and the strengths they can Super-Strength.

Every COE player will be marked in five key competencies; Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Social & Physical.

These competencies are broken down into five or six very specific areas, each assessed by our NCE Soccer Regional Directors, to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Players are marked in each area with the information presented in such a way that makes it easier to track and compare their progress alongside the ‘average’ mark for their year group.

Physical competencies are recorded as an actual measurable record of particular attributes. This data allows us to show whether a player is progressing, standing still or going backwards.

The Player Performance App is a subscription service priced at $40-per-season or $100 for the year, with records updated upon completion of our Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall COE Programs.

Sign up via the Family Portal and get the inside knowledge on your development via this link.

* To see how the Player Performance App would look like take a look at a sample profile by clicking this link.

Performance Profile Explained