A wonderful training addition that complements every club training. Great skills program that helps fine tune foot work and skills of any players who aspire to play at the highest level. I would definitely recommend it and we look forward to continue training with John Curtis in the spring.

Maryse Wilcox, Parent

A fantastic program! High level coaching in a positive environment. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for supplemental soccer training.

Christina Boehk , Parent

My son Brayden loves the program. Great training sessions and great coaches. I would highly recommend it to kids who are looking to advance in their soccer career.

Rick Michonski, Parent

Excellent training program. Great coaches/instructors. Fast paced skill learning. Coach Curtis and his staff really motivate the boys and girls. I highly recommend this soccer training program.

Steve Soong , Parent

Great program! Highly recommended

Stacey Lopez Campbell, Parent

An amazing environment for my soccer players!
Annie never wants to miss a session or event and Hannah is expanding her goalie knowledge and upping her game with Lee!!

Heather Maguire, Parent

My daughter Stephanie has been training with NCE for 2 years. She truly enjoys the training, and has benefited from it tremendously. John and Alan run a top notch and organized training program. My daughter was selected to play for the NCE Select Squad In the 2018 Gothia Cup in Sweden. This was an amazing experience that she will never forget. Stephanie looks forward to her continued training with NCE and seize the opportunities that are available and continue to grow as a player.

Joanie Dutton Schubert , Parent

Fantastic experience playing in England with John Curtis. Hope to repeat!

Marina Bejarano , Parent

My daughter, Isabella has been involved with the NCE program for 4 years as a goal keeper. She has had the opportunity to play in multiple tournaments with in the NCE program. She has also been selected to go to the GPS tournament in July for the past few years, which is a very nice tournament and is a lot of fun. She looks forward to the residential camp in July at Desales University every year. Isabella had the amazing opportunity this past summer, to go to Sweden with the Select Squad and play in the Gothia Cup, the Youth World Cup, an experience she will never forget. The programs coaches are excellent and she has developed nicely under their guidance. John Curtis, Alan O’Keefe and the Goal keeper trainer Lee Boster are excellent. Every training session, you see all the athletes working hard in a positive environment and the coaches care about their development. We are very happy with The NCE program and are excited for our younger daughter, who has started the program as well.

Frank R Tomeo , Parent

“In life, you will always face critics whose intent is to put your spirit down. When reason is tired of explaining itself, let the wind take their criticisms and where they rightfully belong – nowhere!” (Dodinsky). No caption needed after that! You’re amazing because of your work ethic, sincerity, humbleness, beautiful heart and soul. You have been through so much with bullying, hate and worse, but still, you’ve managed to never deter from your passion nor let your smile fade. Day in day out, you work harder and never sacrifice your love of the game for anything else and continue to grow to be the best you can. For eleven years you’ve been my inspiration, my role model, my reason to live. If I thanked you each day, it still wouldn’t be enough!

NCE Soccer, Center of Excellence 90 Min Intense Goalie Boot Camp, I can’t thank you enough for the incredible training and love, support and teaching Coach Lee continues to develop Jennah with!

Asim Farooki, NY Parent

John Curtis and his staff provides, through the National Center of Excellence, outstanding select supplemental soccer training at their multiple locations. Having many locations allows the program to find and train the best players in the New York, CT and NJ area. My daughter has developed greatly by being surrounded by great players which forces her to bring her best self on a consistent basis. The programming by the coaching staff is rigorous and accelerated for the players. The coaches provide immediate feedback which is put in a way to motivate and energize. This program has and will produce the finest soccer players possible. I recommend 100% the National Center of Excellence to all who aspire to become the best player they can be. As a parent with many choices for my daughter, I choose the NCE!

Jason Alisa Fox, Parent

Outstanding coaching. If your child has the will and potential, this is an amazing opportunity.

MJ Farrar, Parent