NCE Soccer kicks off the New Year in style – with the launch of a new Winter COE Program at Metuchen.

Tryouts will be held for elite junior players NEXT Wednesday – January 6th – at the New Jersey facility.

Governor Phil Murphy has confirmed that indoor sports can resume as planned and we can’t wait to get started.

North Atlantic Regional Director Scott Middlemass will lead the COE Programming and is counting down the days to tryouts.

Scott, said: “We are delighted to be given the green light to kick-off our Winter COE Program at Metuchen.


“It was frustrating we couldn’t hold tryouts in December as planned but, these are unprecedented times and we have all had to learn to be flexible.

“Metuchen provides a great facility for the COE Program and, we will be observing strict Covid-19 protocols at all times.

“The facility is served by three highways, making it easily accessible for players and the condition of the indoor turf is top quality.

“We know there are some really talented young soccer players playing for clubs around this area.

“The COE Program is ideally placed to provide those players with supplementary coaching, to make them even better and help maximize their potential.”

The COE Program is a supplementary coaching program for elite young soccer players.

Coaching is split into two age groups with players born between 2008-2012 starting at 18:00-19:30 and players born 2003 – 2007 following on from 19:30 to 21:00.

Players showing the most promise in the two age groupings – will be offered a place on the COE Winter Program and you can apply for tryouts via this link.


Omar Taha, Director of Marketing at Sportsplex, said: “We are very pleased that NCE Soccer’s COE program is coming to Metuchen, we value their presence and we hope to have a long-term relationship with them as we progress through the seasons!

“I whole-heartedly believe that this is an indication that the Sportsplex at Metuchen is a top of the class indoor sports facility for players, coaches, families, and truly, put simply, anyone looking to get involved with sports in a safe environment to learn/grow.

“We work with a lot of amazing clubs, nonprofit organizations, businesses, etc. ranging across a variety of sports; from soccer to basketball to volleyball to softball to special events, that include fencing, wrestling, and roller skating. We look forward to working with NCE Soccer.”

The team at Sportsplex have worked hard to keep everyone safe during the Coronavirus pandemic and have deployed their own Covid protocols which include:

  • “Upon entry of the facility, ALL individuals MUST wear masks and be scanned with our temperature scanner. Any temperature readings above 99.00 will prompt our staff to kindly request the individual(s) to leave the facility.
  • Individuals will be directed towards the front desk with the use of guidance stanchions and arrows taped onto the ground, depicting the flow of traffic and minimizing the possibility of individuals bumping into one another or coming face-to-face when going to areas, such as the bathroom or party room.
  • The Front Desk will be equipped with Plexi-Glass, to protect both, our customers and all staff members.
  • The Front Desk will be utilized only for taking temperatures and taking payments, we are currently finding ways to keep the process contactless for added safety. Cash payments will be at a minimum, if not completely stopped during this time.
  • Upon entry into the fields, after passing the temperature scanning, it is up to the individual players or group organizer to decide whether they want to keep their masks on or off. However, if any individual leaves the field for any reason whatsoever, a mask MUST be worn. (NCE protocols mandate mask wearing at all times).
  • ONLY players and coaches are allowed on the fields. NO spectators of any kind are allowed to be in the facility, no exceptions.
  • Hand Santizier stations will be set up throughout the facility to promote constant reminders to keep sanitation/hygiene levels up, for customers and all staff members.
  • All the air circulating within the Sportsplex is fully ventilated from the outdoors and is continuously flowing out of the facility for a constant stream of filter air entering the Sportsplex at all times.”
* SIGN-UP for the COE Program at Sportsplex, Metuchen by clicking this link!

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