Selection Process FAQs

How are players Selected for the COE?

The first session in any COE season is our tryout session. Players register to attend this first session and are evaluated during the session. Players who are successfully selected are then invited into the program for the remaining sessions.

What happens at a COE tryout?

Players arrive at the venue and are arranged by age and gender. Each player will receive a numbered pinnie and small sided (3v3/4v4/5v5) teams will be created. The coaches will have created several small sided fields prior to the players arrival and will watch the players play games for the vast majority of the session. Each players performance will be evaluated and logged using our custom evaluation software.

Invitations will be sent to selected players on the evening of the tryout. Those players who are not selected will also be sent an email notifying them.

When do tryouts take place?

The COE program holds tryouts at the beginning of our spring, fall and winter season. Spring tryouts typically take place in April, Fall tryouts in September and Winter tryouts in December.

Can players be pre selected for COE?

Yes. Any players in the NCE database who are rated highly enough will automatically be invited into the COE. These are generally players we know from previous seasons of COE.

Does selection in a previous season guarantee selection for the upcoming season?

No. Only about 25% of  players who are currently in the COE will be invited back automatically to attend the next season. We do this to ensure the level of play with COE is always of the highest quality. Our selection process is greatly enhanced by seeing players currently in the program play alongside new trialists.

What is your selection criteria?

In general, we look for technically proficient players who show a strong work ethic and a good attitude. Our coaches look for potential rather than current ability and technical proficiency allied with strong character traits are a good indicator of future development.

Can my son/daughter be recommended to the NCE by coaches or existing players in the program?

Yes. but for a player to be selected for the program they must attend a tryout session.

Does my son/daughter have to tryout for the Zone 1 program?

The ZONE 1 program is inclusive and does not require selection by tryout. Players are grouped by current ability within each ZONE 1 session