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Comprehensive College ID Program for U15 – U 18 Players

NCE College ID Program

The NCE College ID Program is only for players who have excelled in NCE programming or have been identified by NCE coaches.

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We know there is lots of information to digest and so we have created this page to help you stay up-to-date.

It contains all the information you will need ahead of the program, including event schedules, attending college coaches and more.

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College ID Program

NCE Soccer created the College ID Program to provide players and families with a comprehensive guide to College Soccer and the recruitment process.

The eight month program covers every aspect of College Soccer from preparing players for the physical and technical demands required of the College game to the complex issue of navigating the recruitment process.

The program includes training sessions – held once a month – a three-day College ID residential camp, three Winter Showcase events and one Summer Showcase.

There will also be three Webinars hosted by renowned College Admissions Counsellor Pat Doyle and every player will be provided with a College ID profile, an online portal created to share with prospective College coaches online.

Program Summary

For players aged U15-to-U18 who have excelled in NCE Programming.

  • 8 Month Program November 2023 to June 2024
  • 1 Training session per month
  • Training delivered by specially invited College Coaches
  • 3 x Winter Showcase tournaments
  • Summer Showcase tournament
  • Webinar Series x 3
  • College ID Camp at DeSales University
  • College Profile

Program Costs

The total cost of the five-day residential camp is $2750.

Payment plans are available with an initial $500 deposit followed by 3 further $500 payments on 12/01/23, 03/01/24, 05/01/24 and a final $725 due on 06/01/24.

NY Metro Training Program Schedule

  • Nov 27 – Queens College (7:30pm – 9pm)
  • Dec 18 – Queens College (7.30pm – 9pm)
  • Jan – TBC
  • Feb – TBC
  • Mar – TBC
  • April 29 – Queens College (7:30pm – 9pm)
  • May 13 – Queens College (7:30pm – 9pm)
  • June 3rd – Queens College (7:30pm – 9pm)

North Atlantic Training Program Schedule

  • Nov 26 – Bryn Athyn College (9am-10:30am)
  • Dec 17 – Bryn Athyn College (9am-10:30am)
  • Jan – TBC
  • Feb – TBC
  • Mar – TBC
  • April 28 – Bryn Athyn College (9am-10:30am)
  • May 12 – Bryn Athyn College (9am-10:30am)
  • June 2nd – Bryn Athyn College (9am-10:30am)

Showcase Event Schedule


  • Jan 20th – Danbury Sportsdome (5pm-9pm)
  • Dec 16th – Superdome Sports (5pm- 9pm)
  • Feb 3rd – Danbury Sportsdome (5pm – 9pm)


  • July 19th – July 21st – DeSales University

Online Webinar Schedule

  • January – TBC
  • February – TBC
  • March – TBC

College ID Residential Camp

De Sales University

  • July 17th to July 19th
  • Accommodation provided
  • Three-meals-per-day
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Preparing elite youth players for US College Soccer

Preparing elite youth players for US College Soccer

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