NCE Soccer has decided to suspend all soccer programs for the remainder of the month.

The program will be suspended immediately in light of the rapidly developing Coronavirus crisis.

This is purely a preventative measure but, we believe it is the right thing to do.

Three centers – Ophir Field, Waldwick and CFC Park – have announced they will close. It is likely others will follow.

We hope these preventative steps will help to protect our students, their families and of course, our staff and, we hope to resume our soccer programs in April.

NCE Soccer takes it’s lead from the US Government and health professionals.

The outbreak of Coronavirus, or COVID-19 is unprecedented and now appears unavoidable, a force majeure.

What Can We Do?

Follow official advice. That is clear.

It may seem obvious but all too often it is easy to adopt a ‘it won’t happen to me attitude’ and that is when we make mistakes.

What appears key here is ensuring we do not unwittingly become carriers – and pass the disease onto those vulnerable people who are most at risk.

Wash your hands. Avoid placing your hands in your mouth, on your face, eyes or ears.

If you show symptoms, self-isolation is critical.

So How Does It Affect NCE Soccer?

We are adopting a responsible stance. We will adhere to official guidance and act accordingly. We certainly will not take risks.

We have been advised that the international tour to Italy has been postponed for 12 months and those who were due to travel have been informed.

As we stand, the England residential tour and the Gothia Cup trip remain on course to go ahead as planned.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates where appropriate.

Individual families will be contacted by NCE Soccer with updates when appropriate and the website will be updated.

Winter / Spring Program

NCE Soccer will immediately suspend the Winter Zone 1, COE programs and College ID events for the remainder of March.

We have been informed that Ophir Field, Waldwick and now CFC Park have temporarily closed their centres. Others are likely to follow and with this in mind, it seems only sensible to take preventive steps and suspend our Winter program.

We remain in constant communication with our venues and we will provide updates where appropriate.

It is our intention to continue plans for our Spring try-outs and subsequent Zone 1 and COE programs in mid to late April. We continue to accept applications for both.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we ask for your understanding.

Moving Forward

Our intention is to ensure that everyone gets through this difficult period safely, and that we are able to resume our program as soon as possible.

We will continue to update parents and our students via the website and social media.

We ask for your patience and will attempt to respond to individual requests in a timely manner but, ask that you refer to the website and social media channels for updates.

This is a fluid and rapidly developing situation and we all have to work together to stem the flow of the virus and stay safe.

We hope you will work with us and show patience and understanding if there is any disruption.

Kind regards,