NCE Soccer has produced an easy to follow Covid-19 protocol for parents, players, and coaches.

We have been following the protocol since the resumption of our soccer program in the Summer – but felt it was important to remind everyone of our responsibilities with this easy to follow guide.

It is key that we work together to try and create safe soccer spaces.

Whilst some steps may seem frustrating they are crucial to maintaining a successful program this Fall & Winter.

Social Distancing

NCE Soccer Technical Director John Curtis, explained: “We are all fairly well versed by now about doing the right thing, embracing social distancing and washing hands etc.

“But we can not afford to be complacent and felt it was important to remind us all of the steps we can take to keep each other safe.

“We will be doing everything possible to keep our players, their families, and our coaches safe but we do need your help.

“We need you to remain vigilant, please keep your child away from sessions if there is any question mark about their health.

“We would ask parents to drop their children off at the venues and then leave, ideally only returning when it is time for the session to end.

Hand Sanitizer

“Ensure your child wears a mask upon arrival and carries their own hand sanitizer to training and remind them, no high fives or fist-pumping and certainly no spitting on or off the pitch.

“The Fall program has started well and we want to be certain we finish and then move onto the Winter.

“By taking a few small steps, by making a few sacrifices, we make it more likely for everyone that we can stay safe and enjoy a successful season.”

Players and parents have been informed of NCE Soccer’s Covid-19 Protocol and Best Practices verbally but our new guide is designed to remind everyone of their responsibilities.

If anyone has any concerns or their son / daughter falls ill PLEASE CONTACT us immediately so we can take steps to protect everyone else.

The best contact email is: or by telephone on 800 417 2787

View NCE Soccer Protocol & Best Practice