Uniform FAQ’S

Are specific uniforms required for NCE programs?

Yes. All NCE programs have a specific uniform that must be worn by all players

NCE Program Uniforms

COE – Black Jersey, Black Shorts & Black Socks (Number Required)

College ID – Black Jersey, Black Shorts & Black Socks (Number Required)

TTP – Blue Jersey, Black Shorts & Black Socks

Futures – Red Jersey, Black Shorts & Black Socks

What is the NCE Goalkeeper Uniform?

Goalkeepers’s require a totally separate uniform and do not require the same uniform as the outfield players. GK items are located in a separate collection (Goalkeeper) within the NCE Soccer Uniform Store.

GK Uniform – Neon Jersey, Neon Shorts, Neon Socks (Number Required)

Where are the NCE online stores?

The NCE online stores can be found by clicking the ‘STORE’ tab on our homepage. Here you will see links to our Uniform Store hosted by Soccer.com and our Leisurewear store.

If you select our Soccer.com store, you will need to enter your players name and if registered for our our select events (COE, College ID, Tournaments  & Residential Camps) his/her NCE Number. Once added please choose the appropriate collection from the dropdown list.

Where can I find my NCE Number?

Your son/daughters NCE Number can be found in your NCE Family Portal. It is also emailed to you automatically 48 hours after registering for the event.

I have registered for NCE Futures or Technical training program and can’t find my son’s NCE Number. Can you help?

Players in our Futures or Technical Training Program do not require an NCE Number. When they graduate into COE they will be assigned a number 48 hours after registration.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with ordering NCE apparel?

Soccer.com are our retail partner. Please contact Maria Rodriguez at [email protected]

What are the required items?

All selected players are required to wear the appropriate NCE Jersey, Black Shorts & Black Socks for all training sessions.

Our uniform hasn’t arrived yet, what should my son/daughter wear to training while we wait?

Players who’s uniform has yet to be delivered should wear a black or dark soccer uniform until their NCE gear arrives.