Communication FAQ’S

If you have any questions, please feel free to email your local NCE representative –

Any Questions in the NY Metro area contact – [email protected] – NY Metro Manager

Any Questions in the CT Area contact – [email protected] – CT Manager

Any Questions in the Mid Atlantic area contact – [email protected] – Mid Atlantic Director

Any Goalkeeper questions contact our goalkeeping director – [email protected] – GK Director

If you have any question that can not be answered by the following staff members you can contact Alan or John emails listed below –

[email protected] – Center of Excellence National Director

[email protected] – Technical Director

Why did the session time change after the tryout?

–  Definitive Program session times cannot be determined until after the tryout event. Age group and gender groups are only finalized once the selection process is finished. In general we like to have the younger players 12U, 13U attend the earlier sessions and the 14U and 15U players attend the later sessions.

My son/daughter missed their practice, can they attend another venue?

–  Players may attend more than one COE/ZONE 1 session per week. All players wishing to attend multiple sessions should always contact their area manager to let them know.

The session times for the upcoming season are not up yet. When will I know?

–  Definitive Program session times cannot be determined until after the final registration day or the tryout event.

What is the player/coach ratio?

Zone 1 sessions we like to keep the groups between 8-12

COE sessions we like to keep it 12-16

Are all players in the COE referred to from Clubs/Coaches?

It is not always the case that players are referred to us from clubs or coaches, but the recommendations we do receive from any club or coach is welcomed.