NCE Soccer is ready to deliver it’s Winter Program – but needs your help.

We have been working with venue partners to deliver the safest Winter program possible.

That means the strict enforcement of Covid-19 protocols to protect our players, their families and our staff.

But the protocols only work if we ALL do our bit and work together as a team to stop the spread.

That means, for the Winter program and Winter COE Tryouts, we must ask parents to STAY AWAY from venues.

We know it’s a tough ask as our COE players are blessed with hugely supportive families who want to help their children develop, but we must stay safe and work as a team.

No Spectators

Coach John Curtis, explained: “We need your help. It is as simple as that. The Winter program is held indoors and that means we all must be more vigilant.

“We all know what happened last year when this pandemic began, we were all forced to stop doing everything and it was a terrible time for everyone.

“We have shown throughout the Summer and Fall seasons that we can conduct our COE program perfectly safely.

“It is frustrating, it’s less than ideal, but it works, and we all stay safe and that, surely is the main thing.

“Some venues are already enforcing the banning of parents, with only players and coaching staff allowed inside venues. We think it is cleaner and simpler to adopt the policy across all winter venues.


“We would ask that you to stay in your vehicles, or ideally drop off your child and leave, and when you return remain in your vehicle to wait for your son or daughter.

“Many of the venues insist on this anyway but, we will enforce it anyway. It is sensible and allows us to focus on fulfilling an elite coaching program without having to police the sidelines.”

NCE Soccer has updated it’s Covid Protocols to reflect the protocols necessary for indoor programming.

Players are required to wear masks when arriving and leaving venues – and some venues / States insist they must remain on during coaching sessions.

“It is a bit confusing but we will ensure players know whether they have to wear masks or not,” John added.

“The important thing is they must wear one when arriving or leaving venues and it is crucial they remember to social distance from teammates.

“We don’t want to see players running up to their teammates and forming a huddle before sessions.

“Players will also be asked to complete a health screening questionnaire. Families will be able to submit these electronically and they are very straightforward but, they must be completed ahead of sessions.

“We will continue to take temperature tests ahead of sessions and all equipment is cleaned and sanitized.


“I know some parents won’t like it and it’s not ideal, but we have to take these steps if we are complete our Winter program.”

NCE Soccer will begin hosting tryouts in December at venues in New England, New York Metro, and the North Atlantic areas.

Individual venues may enforce local rules but NCE Soccer insists on the following:

  • No Parents / Guardians will be NOT be allowed inside ANY venues
  • Health Screening Questionnaire must be submitted prior to EACH session
  • Failure to complete this will mean players can not take part in that session
  • All players should wear face masks entering and leaving the training venue
  • All players MUST observe social distancing upon arrival – this is CRUCIAL
  • All players will be temperature tested upon arrival


* Read our full Covid 19 Winter protocol via this link