The NCE TopTekkers challenge has started with some serious style!

So many NCE Soccer players have joined the online challenge from Zone 1, COE and College ID students.

And now it’s time for two new challenges, the Cruyff Turn and The Hook, perfect practice for the weekend.

Last week, we kicked off the challenge with two skills tasks, foot only ball juggling and thigh only ball juggling and you did us proud.

Samuel Talisse from CT surged to the top of the boys leaderboard amassing a brilliant 103 trophies whilst Audrey Mazzarella, also from CT, was the top girl with 77 trophies, placing her fourth overall.

We have posted the latest leaderboard below but you can also check out the latest update anytime via our TopTekkers page – which is also the place to sign up if you want to join the NCE TopTekkers challenge.

Upload your videos to Instagram and Facebook and compete with your friends and fellow NCE Soccer Students.

Now, follow the story below to learn your new tasks for the weekend and show us your TopTekkers!

Boys TopTekkers Leader

Samuel Talisse from CT has surged to the top of the TopTekkers overall leaderboard this week.

He amassing 103 trophies showing real dedication and a lot of skill.

Great work Sam. TopTekkers!

Girls TopTekkers Leader

Our leading lady is Audrey Mazzarella from CT.

She has massed an amazing 77 trophies and is place 4th overall.

Keep working hard Audrey! TopTekkers!

This Weeks TopTekkers Tasks

Cruyff Turn

This week, we look at two terrific skills designed to create space, evade defenders and change direction; the Cruyff Turn and the Outside Hook.

The Cruyff Turn is one of the most well known skills in soccer – but it’s not easy!

NCE Soccer Technical director John Curtis believes the Cruyff Turn is the perfect skill to learn for attackers and midfielders looking to take on defenders and find space in critical attacking areas.

He said: ‘This is a fantastic turn for evading defenders and creating space while changing direction.

“It’s become a bit of a lost art with many players confusing it with the Ronaldo chop and unable to perform it properly.

“The best clips are to watch the great man himself performing the skill during the 1974 World Cup campaign.”

Here, we demonstrate the Cruyff Turn for you to practise. Now, show us what you have!

Outside Hook

The Outside Chop or Outside Hook is a brilliant skill to lean for directional change.

When perfected, this allows players to change direction at speed whilst keeping the ball under close control.

It allows the very best players the time and space to look up and pick the pass or space they want to hit without simply running into trouble.

Watch our video to practise your Chop and then take the TopTekkers challenge.

Get Involved

Get involved with NCE Soccer’s TopTekkers challenge by downloading the app.

The TopTekkers online training platform is the perfect way of practicing individual skills whilst we are all stuck at home – with many of the skills even suitable for indoor practice (providing you get permission from parents that is!)

The app contains a huge array of imaginative and informative videos to show players correct techniques along with challenges, competition and personalized plans for students – priced at around 50 Cents-a-week – and providing 12 months online coaching for the price of 8 months.

* To sign up to NCE Soccer’s TopTekkers click this link.