US Junior Goalkeepers at NCE Soccer are following the same pathway as Premier League Academy keepers in England.

Our specialist Center of Excellence Goalkeeping Program has been developed in conjunction with top English professional clubs.

It means our young players are following the same pathway as goalkeepers at pro clubs in the English Football League and Premier League.

NCE Soccer Goalkeeping coach Lee Broster designed the to maximize the potential of our young keepers, working with boys and girls from the age of eight through to 18.

“I believe our goalkeeping program is probably the most advanced program for young players in the US,” explained Lee.


“We are able to work with small groups of players and focus on their all round game including their mental approach.

“Being a goalkeeper is very challenging mentally. I like to give the goalkeepers a voice in the sessions to understand when they have made a save or made a mistake.

“I want them to understand how they have just made the save or mistake. I feel a coaches roll is to guide and help players not just tell them what to do.

“The sessions are designed to not only be age appropriate but also ability appropriate and, by working in a group, they are able to get more out of a session.”


It can be difficult for young goalkeepers to progress at clubs or school as they often have to train with outfield players, and sometimes might be the only goalkeeper with their team.

The COE Program has been able to develop potential quicker and players such as Nicolette Pasquarella have benefitted, being invited to train with Manchester United and Manchester City.

Lee, added: “Our program is hugely beneficial for young players who want to improve as goalkeepers.

“One of the huge advantages is our players train and compete with other keepers rather than on their own, or simply without outfield players.

“I like to get them to think, to talk through their actions and I encourage the keepers to talk and ask questions.


“The sessions are the same as academy keepers are doing back in England. We cover every aspect of goalkeeping and also the role of a goalkeeper within the team.

“I am very passionate about goalkeeping and I’m delighted to see our young players come through and progress and I’m certain, it gives them the edge on any competition.”

NCE Soccer will host specialist goalkeeping COE Programs this Fall at Pace University in Pleasantville, New York, Coleman Country Day in Merrick New York, Dillon Stadium at Hartford Connecticut and Total Turf in New Jersey.

Tryouts are being held TOMORROW and SUNDAY THIS WEEK in New York and New Jersey and NEXT WEDNESDAY at Hartford but it is not too late to register.

* If you would like to Tryout for NCE Soccer COE Goalkeeping Program please apply here.

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