It’s the final countdown to the NCE Soccer Winter Program Tryouts.

Tryouts for our COE Program will be held in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Northern New York THIS Friday.

The three venues will kick off a 12-day series of tryouts for elite players across three East Coast regions who will try to earn their place at our specialists outfield and goalkeeping Winter COE programming.

NCE begin the Winter tryouts at Union Point in Weymouth, Ophir Field in Purchase, New York State, and XL Sports World in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

It it is not too late to register but we can NOT accept walk-ins on the day and all trialists must be pre-registered ahead of the event.

Elite players in New England should be aware that Union Point in Weymouth is the ONLY NCE Soccer COE Program which will host tryouts this side of Christmas, due to lockdown rules in Connecticut.

CFC Park in Bethany and Sports World East Windsor will hold tryouts in January when the lockdown is lifted, but boys and girls aged 8-18-years, in the Weymouth area wanting elite supplementary coaching should consider applying to Union Point.

High Standards

Technical Director John Curtis, said: “We’ve had an excellent response and I’m expecting the standards to be incredibly high.

“We will only allow the very best players to join the program and that’s means being very strict with our selection policy.

“We have had examples where two players from the same family may tryout, one makes it through and one doesn’t.

“It is very important to me that NCE Soccer stands for excellence and that means making tough decisions.

“We are unashamedly elitist. We want the best young players to come to us so we can help them maximize their potential.

“We are totally committed to developing excellence and it’s incredibly rewarding to see our young players go on to join pro clubs or leading Universities.”

College Athletes

NCE Soccer is far more than a soccer coaching program and, this season, the introduction of our COE + Program provides additional opportunities exclusively for COE players.

Our College programming is a vital tool designed to maximize opportunities for those wanting to play at the top level.

College showcase events, tournaments, the College ID camp play a crucial role in connecting students with the right University.

“There is so much more to COE than simply coaching soccer and for aspiring College students our ID program is an essential tool,” John added.

“We work with experts such as Pat Doyle who work to help families through the College process, assisting with admissions and providing unparalleled insight.

“Our Combines and tournaments are attended by top University coaches because they are viewing top-quality players, who will benefit their college team.

“The very best of our players are selected for our Pro Pathway program and have gone on to enjoy trials at pro clubs around the world.

“It’s an exciting and highly talented group of players.”

Covid Safe

NCE Soccer has been working with local venues and adapting official rules – which have varied State-to-State – to produce the safest Winter program possible.

We have published a strict Covid-19 Winter policy, which, as the program moves indoors, includes the banning of all parents from venues.

This is to keep our children, staff, and the families of both safe as we continue to pick a path through this global pandemic.

Tryouts will be held at SEVEN venues across New York State beginning this Friday, THREE venues in New Jersey, and at Union Point in Weymouth this December.

Further trials will be held at CFC Park in Bethany and Sports World East Windsor in January.

* To Register for tryouts and find your nearest venue click on this link and join us there!