Park Slope United have become the latest to join NCE Soccer’s Club Partnership Program.

The Brooklyn based soccer club will work with NCE’s Soccer talented coaches to improve their own level of coaching.

They will have access to our NCE Soccer coaching programs ands resources including online webinars and exclusive invites to elite tournaments.

Park Slope United have more than 1400 boys and girls players affiliated to their club and some of their elite players receive supplementary training via NCE Soccer’s COE Program.


NCE Soccer’s Nick Dunbar, said: “We are delighted to welcome Park Slope United to the NCE Soccer Club Partnership, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

“We know the club well, they have a great team and a terrific set-up and we look forward to helping them to develop.

“It is particularly pleasing that one of the main reasons Park Slope United wanted to work with us, was because of the improvements they have seen to some of their players who train independently with NCE Soccer.

“We will work with their coaching team to fine tune their own coaching methods and help them to further develop the potential of their young soccer players on and off the pitch.”

Park Slope United were established in 2012 after founder Nathan Bell, who whilst studying for his Master’s of Sport Psychology course in Croatia at the dormitories of Dinamo Zagreb.

He was fascinated that a country the size of Croatia – with a population size similar to the borough of Brooklyn – could go onto produce so many world class players and wanted to know what they were doing differently.

Having interviewed members of the Croatian national team coaches and players and having played Division Three pro soccer he wrote a book after his experiences and set about recreating his own version of their system in Brooklyn.


Eight years on and Park Slope United have grown from a handful of five-and-six-year-olds to become of the leading soccer programs in Brooklyn, a position they hope to further cement through the NCE Soccer Club Partnership Program.

Dominic Casciato, Director of Coaching at Park Slope United, said: “Several of our players have participated in the NCE programming and this has provided them with elite level coaching that is supplemental to our own training.

“We have seen a noticeable development in these players and the opportunity for them to play against other elite players in the area has allowed us to provide further pathways including the chance to participate in festival events.

“In addition, as part of the NCE Club Partnership Program we have been able to provide our coaching staff with further professional development.

“The NCE Staff delivered coaching licenses over a number of weeks and we look forward to hosting even more programming in the future.”

The NCE Club Partnership will see Park Slope United coaches benefit from online tutoring and webinars, the creation of NCE led coaching sessions for junior players and exclusive invitations to tournaments and camps for their very best players.

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