NCE Soccer players in the Player Performance Profile have been enjoying their first Physical Tests.

The players have been tested for endurance, power, speed and agility at NCE Soccer venues in New York Metro, New England and the North Atlantic regions.

These tests are used by top professional soccer clubs to track player progress and provide crucial insight into areas that need improvement.

Testing is carried out under controlled conditions with highly sophisticated equipment.

They include lazer controlled timing gates, jump mats to assess lower body power and an innovative software program and App to track and store results.

Player Development

NCE Soccer Technical Director John Curtis, said: “These tests are crucial to measure key athletic capabilities and it is a real breakthrough for our players.

“These type of tests are used as standard by the very top clubs as there is no hiding place, they show real-time actual results. Fact, not fiction.

“For those players who really want to develop as a player, improving their athletic ability is absolutely key. These tests provide a vital insight into how US based players stack up against players in pro academies around the world.

“Speed, power, agility, endurance are all important requirements for top players and there is no hiding place from actual data.

“It allows our players to initially establish a baseline, and then work to improve those specific numbers which will, in turn, improve their performances on the pitch.

“Our aim is to give players the tools and the opportunity to improve themselves. To super-strength their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses.”

Professional Physical Therapy

NCE Soccer are using equipment supplied by leading sports technology providers Dashr Systems to carry out the testing, under the watchful guidance of strength and conditions coaches from Professional Physical Therapy.

They have been leading the testing sessions with NCE Soccer coaching staff for those players signed up to the Player Performance Profile Program.

The tests will be repeated four-times-a-year, one in each of the four COE Program seasons, so players can monitor and track their progression.

The tests included:

Dean Maddalone, Director of Fitness and Wellness at Professional Physical Therapy, said: “I have been doing orthopedic physical therapy for about 24 years and strength and conditioning for 15 years and working for Professional Physical Therapy for 18 years.

“We currently have 180+ physical and occupational facilities on the east coast and we were delighted to work with NCE Soccer on the first set of physical tests.

“We did a 5-8 minute dynamic warmup and then started with the Vertical jump, 10 m and 20 m sprint, 505 agility test with the Yo Yo test to finish.

“These tests get a baseline for athletes and it allows them to compare their results with other soccer athletes their age and, all-in-all, the testing was a terrific success.”

The results from the physical tests will be fed into each participating players Player Performance Profile Tool.

The Physical data is displayed alongside four other key competencies; Psychological, Social, Tactical and Technical, to provide an overall Excellence Ranking for each player.

Players signed up to the Performance Profile have access to this data, and the individual components of each competency, so they can work on any weaknesses.

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10 Meter Sprint Test

Counter Movement Jump

505 Agility Test

Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery