NCE Soccer is delighted to announce the launch of our Club Partnership Program.

This exciting new program enables US junior soccer clubs to take advantage of the National Center for Excellence resources – and our Beyond Soccer offering.

It will provide education for coaches, access to coaching material, and the use of NCE Soccer consultants. all dedicated to ensuring young US soccer talent fulfills its potential.


NCE Soccer Business Development Manager Nick Dunbar will spearhead the program and coordinate interest from clubs wanting to take part.

He said: “This is a truly exciting opportunity for NCE Soccer and junior soccer across the US as it gives those clubs an opportunity to tap into a wealth of experience.

“NCE Soccer has worked tirelessly to remain free of politics and concentrate purely on providing young players with the very best start available to their soccer lives.

“We provide top-class coaching, with age-specific programs designed to test, to challenge, and to encourage those with a natural talent to learn all the other ‘bits’ required to really succeed.

“Those resources including sports psychologists, nutritionists, a whole range of behind the scenes resources that junior clubs will be able to use, to the ultimate benefit of their players.”


NCE Soccer was originally set up to provide an ‘elite’ neutral center of soccer excellence for boys and girls already affiliated to individual clubs with supplementary training.

But, it was clear very quickly to NCE Soccer founder John Curtis, that those elite players needed more if they were to have a chance of becoming top-flight professionals and, the Beyond Soccer concept was developed.

Dunbar, added: “Beyond Soccer does exactly what it says on the tin. We want to make it possible for the individual players to develop as people, to consider those things beyond the field of play.

“That means helping them to develop their own character, to understand the psychological approach, their leadership skills, and community awareness. This is about mental health and well-being, about diet and nutrition, and physical performance.

“It is also about developing the player as a student, to support and inspire their academic studies and to ensure they develop and grow and have the best opportunities with regard to College.

“We want to pass our knowledge on, we want to help all clubs to develop a richer seem of junior US soccer talent and the Club Partnership program enables us to do that for the benefit of all concerned.”

The NCE Soccer Club Partnership Program will be made freely available to junior clubs with three main focuses of the program to include ‘Club Development’, ‘Coach Development’, and ‘Player Development’.

It will include access to Zone 1, COE and College ID programs and is likely to include overseas tours, coaching seminars, and experiences and showcase international tournaments.

* To discuss the NCE Soccer Club Partnership program further get in touch with Nick via this link or email for further details.