NCE Soccer will introduce a unique player squad numbering system for 2022.

The Squad Number System will be unveiled ahead of the Spring and Summer programming which begins later this month.

Every player within the NCE Soccer Programming will be assigned a number that will stay with them throughout their NCE career.

The move is designed primarily to assist the growing number of College and University Coaches attending NCE Soccer events to scout for players.

Identify Talent

And they will allow NCE Coaches attending Showcase and Residential Camps to identify talented players from other regions as they consider NCE Soccer Select Squads.

“As the program grows it seems sensible to introduce the squad numbering system,” explained Operations Direction Nick Dunbar.

“We are receiving more and more requests from College Coaches wanting to attend our events because they know the calibre of player is extremely high.

“The issue they then have when watching hours of competitive soccer is easily identifying the players they would like to target.

“This will streamline that process and ensure our players do not miss out on opportunities because of a simple thing like identification.”

Assigned Numbers

Players will retain their assigned number providing they stay within the NCE Soccer Programming within a two-year-period.

Families ordering NCE Soccer kit from can add their squad number and even player initials at the point of ordering.

* Click this link to view the NCE Soccer Official Team Store to order your numbered kit.