Soccer coaching may be suspended but that doesn’t mean soccer has to stop!

NCE Soccer has been keeping tabs on how the biggest names in the game stay fit and sharp – and continue to smile during this soccer shut-down.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites from some of the biggest names in the game via their Instagram accounts.

We are sure they won’t mind us sharing!

You can see a combination of great exercises, routines, tricks and combos of the #stayathomechallenge as soccer is forced to sit out this crisis with family and friends.

And you can see it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom as some of the biggest names in soccer have a bit of fun too – none more so than Liverpool’s  James Milner who appears to be spending his time rationing his favourite tea and cutting grass!

The key message throughout is to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds – and stay safe!

NCE Soccer founder John Curtis, said: “It is a difficult time for everyone but the best players make the most of every situation.

“I’m staying at home with my children and we are taking sensible steps including washing our hands regularly, but we are also continuing to practice our skills and keep fit.

“No matter how difficult things get, top athletes ensure that their training is the best it can possibly be and prepare to the maximum.

“They ensure they stay healthy. They eat the right things, exercise regularly and make sure they get enough sleep.

“We should always maintain good hygiene standards but that is even more vital during this current crisis.

“Follow official advice and wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds or longer.

“Stay positive, stay focused, we will get through this and when the soccer season resumes we need to be ready.

“There are many exercises we can do at home that help to maintain physical conditioning, endurance, strength, speed, and agility.

“Spend time with the ball. Work on your first touch and individual techniques.

“And use your time wisely. Watch re-runs of professional games or videos of your own competitions and scrutinize performance based on optimal decision making.

“Whatever space you have in and around your household maybe some of the videos included here will inspire you to keep fit and use your time.

“Most of all, make sure you all stay safe.”

NCE Soccer has suspended all footballing activities until the end of this month whilst authorities access and make recommendations regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

* Show us how you are spending your time during this shut down using the hashtag #NCESoccerStayAtHome

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