NCE Soccer are delighted to announce a brand new funding partnership with TADS by Community Brands.

The partnership means families can apply for financial aid from the NCE Soccer Foundation so their children can enjoy NCE Soccer programming.

They will assist families to secure funding that can then be used to support their child’s soccer development.

The process is quick and simple and can be accessed via the NCE Soccer website.

Their intuitive online application system allows parents to submit applications online for a swift and speedy response.

NCE Soccer founder John Curtis, said: “We are delighted to partner TADS by Community Brands and to have the opportunity to help all families access our programming.

“NCE Soccer was established to provide opportunities for all talented players to fulfill their potential regardless of financial constraints.

“We believe soccer – and sport in general – really should be for ALL. There should be no financial obstacles for determined players.

“To provide the environment we want at NCE is expensive. Top class coaches and excellent facilities aren’t cheap.

“We pride ourselves on being best in class but, crucially, wanting to attract best in class.

“We want to work with the best players, that’s why our barriers for entry via tryouts are raised every year, the bar is raised higher and higher.

“But we are aware that there are many players out there who have the ability, but for a variety of reasons maybe could not afford to join NCE. Now they can.”

Community Brands are a leading provide of cloud-based software to associations, non-profits and K-12 Schools, working with more than 2,000 employees serving more than 100,000 clients in 30 countries.

TADS was established almost 50-years-ago initially providing Tuition Aid Data Services for private schools and has grown to provide help to more than 750,000 households, processing more than $8 million in payments for more than 2 million students.

Now they will work with the NCE Foundation to help secure funding for families wanting to train with NCE Soccer.

TADS Senior Client Services Manager, Rachael Cramond, said: “TADS by Community Brands is partnering with the National Center of Excellence (NCE) for their financial aid process.

“NCE is committed to providing top class coaching and we at TADS are here to help NCE ensure that more families can access NCE’s incredible resources, tools, and programs.

“NCE is committed to breaking down the financial barriers that exist for families whose students want to access high level soccer programs, and our goal here at TADS is to help NCE provide financial aid to qualifying families. The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is the cornerstone of the TADS financial aid application process.

“Using our unique methodology, we estimate the amount you can contribute to soccer expenses and forward that estimate to the NCE program.

“One of our greatest commitments here at TADS is providing access to the application process for families, and we provide a free financial aid application to families who qualify for the national free and reduced lunch standards.

“We are looking forward to supporting the NCE program as they continue to unlock the great potential that each child possesses, and we want more and more families to have this opportunity!”

NCE Soccer launched the NCE Foundation to raise funds that will bring about change to the US South Soccer Landscape. It aims to raise funds to help players in the United States and overseas, providing opportunities for positive change through soccer.

* Find out how TADS by Community Brands can help your family secure funding for NCE Soccer activities by clicking this link whether you are already part of the NCE Soccer family or hoping to join.