NCE Soccer are bringing Brazilian flair to the Big Apple this Winter with an exciting New York Futsal Program.

The 12-week pilot program will provide Futsal specific training led by leading Brazilian coach Felipe Arantes.

Futsal is a fast-paced and exciting variant of soccer which is growing in America.

It is played on a smaller, hard court with a smaller ball and fewer players compared to traditional soccer.

Some NCE Soccer players will have already experienced Futsal at NCE Residential Camps and our international Select boys played in Brazil earlier this year.

Now NCE will pilot the Futsal specific programming at Queens College in Queens, New York throughout the Winter months.

“Futsal is a really exciting sport and helps players to develop their technique and better ball control,” explained NCE Soccer founder John Curtis.

“It is fast, players are more involved and have many more touches on the ball which means they have to work on their skillset.

“Pitches are smaller and games are played with just five players on each team so everyone gets lots of opportunity to play.

“It is super fast, can be intense and is credited for developing better footwork, agility and speed of thought.

“This all benefits players when they transition back into full size football as they have the additional benefit of time.”

Futsal originates from Uruguay in the 1930s but was quickly adopted across South America – and is huge in Brazil.

The sport’s emphasis on close ball control, quick passing, and precise shooting helps players develop their technical skills in a more challenging and competitive environment.

Many professional soccer players credit futsal for improving their footwork, agility, and overall game understanding and, as a result, futsal has become an integral part of youth soccer development programs across the country.

NCE Soccer are blessed to have strong Brazilian coaching links. Program Director Dan Salomao has Brazilian ancestry and recently secured his CBF (Confederacão Brasileira de Futebol) C License, Brazilian coach Paulo Junio is part of the team andFelipe Arantes, former Head Coach of Madureria Esporta Clube from Rio and respected as one of Brazil’s top coaches will join NCE Soccer in the summer of 2024.

“This is the NCE Soccer difference, we use best-in-class coaching and Fustal is different to soccer despite the similarities,” John added.

“Felipe has more than 20 years experience of working with competitive youth academy programs in Brazil and we are very lucky to have him as part of our team.

“Dan is passionate about Futsal, Brazil and the Brazilian approach to soccer in general.

“He spent time in Brazil studying for and subsequently obtaining his CBF (Confederacão Brasileira de Futebol) C License and also worked with top Brazilian club Cruzeiro Esporte Clube working with a variety of age ranges from juniors through to U20 Academy players.

“They will lead programming at Queens and we believe this will become a permanent fixture in NCE Soccer programming running alongside our COE Program.

“Many of the players that came with us to Brazil have been asking us to provide Futsal so we think this will be a big success.”

NCE Futsal Program will run for 12 weeks starting with tryouts on Monday December 4th at Queens College in Queens, New York.

There will be two hour long sessions kicking off at 7pm until 8pm for players born 2014-2012 and then 8pm until 9pm for players before 2011-2008.

* Anyone can apply to take part in tryouts – including players who have not previously participating in NCE Soccer Programming – by clicking this link.