NCE Soccer have created a College Profile page for ALL our High School students.

The College Profile page is an online platform designed to help our Center of Excellence and College ID Camp players secure their dream college.

We have created a mini website for each player which can be shared with potential college coaches.

The page can be accessed via the Family Portal and contains information which is relevant to the college process.

Players can upload their own highlights videos, test scores, GPAs, areas they wish to study, recommendations and post fixtures for scouts to attend.

College Resource

“We are passionate about helping our young players to succeed and this is a vital tool which, we will hope, will benefit our players,” explained NCE Soccer Technical Director John Curtis.

“This is a vital resource for all 2007 players and above within the Center of Excellence Players to help them navigate the College recruitment process and those attending the College ID Camp.

“Our players and their family can upload their own information and share with it whoever they wish by simply sharing the url and that way, the college or coach, has all of the information in one place.

“Obviously, it is down to the parents or student to upload and update the material but we think it will provide a valuable resource for our players.”

College ID WebPage

The College ID Profile contains contact details, top line statistics like date of birth, school, GPA, playing position etc and contact details for player and parents.


The website has an invaluable Video section which allows players to upload clips or highlights / showcase reels.

Academic & Athletic

Players can upload their Academic performance and ensure they are updated when required along with their Athletic performances including strengths and goals.

Achievements & Recommendations

Player individual and team achievements can be recorded along with referees who will provide college references for students.


There is a Community section to allow students to list the efforts they make to help other people.


We have included a section for Scouting Opportunities in which players and their parents can publicise where they will be playing, to allow scouts to come and watch.

The College Profile webpage is available for ALL players 2006 and older in the NCE Soccer Center of Excellence Program.

Tryouts will be held for our Summer  program on June 21 in Pitman, NJ, and across the other regions the same week. For full details and to sign up click this link.


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