Happy New Year to the NCE Soccer Family. Here’s to a happy and successful 2021!

We know 2020 was a year to forget and the Coronavirus pandemic served as a reminder of how vulnerable we all are.

But it also provided us with an opportunity to think about others, and to help those less fortunate.

And so, as we kick off the New Year we want to consider how we can make a difference in 2021 and beyond.

Soccer stars around the world have once again shown how they can use their profile to raise money or awareness for the benefit of others.

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford is a fantastic example. Last Christmas, his ‘In The Box’ campaign, provided essential items for homeless people across Manchester. This year, his work highlighting child hunger in the UK, prompted the Government into an incredible U-turn, and free school meals were provided for all.

So, as we move into 2021, NCE Soccer would like to choose a good cause / or causes that we can support in the year ahead.

It might a charity or several charities, it could be a local initiative or community scheme, but it will involve giving something back.

We know many of our players already support local charities – so we want you to tell us about it.

Share Your Story

Big or small, share your story and tell us how you managed to help others this year.

Maybe you held a food drive, did you shovel snow from a neighbor’s pathway, fetched their shopping from the supermarket, or donated unwanted clothes or presents.

Email us via this link and we will share the best stories with the NCE Soccer Community via the website.

NCE Soccer founder John Curtis, said: “We hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and has had a great time with their family and friends.

“It has provided a time of reflection for us all and next year we would like to give something back to the communities where we coach.

“We provide our COE Programming at venues across multiple states from as far North as Weymouth Massachusets running as far south as Fairfax, Virginia.

“We want our players to support localized projects and will be looking for initiatives to support.

Community Support

“Clearly, the current Covid-19 restrictions limit our immediate choices but we want to pitch forward and plan for the future.

“That will involve supporting existing charities or good causes and also organizing our own initiatives, maybe an NCE Soccer trash collection, a food drive,  who knows?

“You tell us the things you are already involved with or would like to support, and let’s choose something together.”

Put forward your idea for a community project and lets see who we can help in 2021 and beyond.

* Tell us about your work supporting the community? What do you do for others?

* Email us via this link and we will share your story with the NCE Soccer Community