For many families, the progression from High School to College and University can be a minefield.

With more than 4,000 higher education institutions offering their services, it is no wonder that for many, the process can be overwhelming.

Balancing the pull of educational benefits over sporting excellence, and trying to find the ultimate combination of the two, is no mean feat.

How do you stand out from the crowd? How do we turn the tables? How does the hunted become the hunter?

NCE Soccer’s College ID Program, led by College Admissions Counsellor Patrick Doyle, has been created to walk our families through the process


Pat has dedicated his working life to the process. He has unparalleled insight and contacts and helps you make the right decisions.

“It can be quite overwhelming, in the past decade the college admissions process has undergone significant changes,” Pat explained.

“There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the USA and so, it is quite understandable, that finding the best fit can be a daunting process.

“The college process also takes place during a frenetic period of one’s high school career.

“Between soccer, standardized testing, and a challenging curriculum, figuring out where to pursue one’s undergraduate education is oftentimes overwhelming.

“My goal is to help reduce the stress level while providing direction and clarity.

“How do I start? What do I look for? How can I stand out from my classmates? Will my application resonate with colleges? How do I find the right soccer and academic match?

“Regardless of a student’s academic ability, there are important steps that need to be taken to ensure that an individual is ‘cleared by the NCAA’ to participate in college soccer and that he/she has the requisite course load that will attract college coaches.

“My goal is to help students gain every advantage when choosing and applying to their first-choice college.”

College Advisor

Patrick specializes in working with aspiring college soccer players. He understands the game, having formerly played Division 1 soccer with Hofstra University and as a professional in New York, and has worked as a college advisor for more than 20 years in New York, helping hundreds of student-athletes realize their dream.

He added: “I interface regularly with college personnel, visit campuses often, have a keen understanding of the inner workings of an admissions office, and partake in professional conferences, ensuring that NCE Soccers College program remains current with undergraduate trends.

“I have extensive experience handling all facets of the process and can help students maximize their opportunities. The advantage of entrusting your child’s future to our care is that I appreciate the vagaries of teenage development.

“It allows us to establish timelines to keep your student organized and focused. This is critical, given the countless deadlines that need to be met.

“Many students and parents have articulated a sense of frustration while trying to navigate the college process. For some, it is the ‘unknown’ that causes anxiety, and for others, it is the timeline of events that proves overwhelming.

“With so many critical decisions to make, each student needs a strategy to ensure a favorable response from the colleges. “What are colleges looking for?” and “What can I do to ensure that my application resonates with colleges?” are critical questions that students frequently ask.

“Your NCE College Advisor will not only answer these questions (and the ones listed below) but will also assuage the student and parents’ anxiety. It is truly a personalized approach and one that encourages students to be introspective.”

Patrick’s off-the-field guidance is crucial to helping students secure the University of their choice whilst our on-the-field College Programming turns the tables.

Showcase Tournaments

We organize Showcase Tournaments at two indoor and two outdoor showcases and invited college coaches /scouts to attend and College Combine events.

Players are selected based on their performances within the COE Program – and that means colleges know only the very best players are on show.

Our College ID Camp is held at an NCAA College Campus and this provides, selected players, with an incredible insight into college life with training, seminars, showcases and tournaments.

NCE Soccer’s Nick Dubar, Director of Business and Organizational Development, added: “The Showcase Tournaments and College Combine events are key, this is where the hunted become the hunter.

“College coaches know that the standard of players within the NCE Soccer COE Program at that age will be of the highest standard.

“They come to our events knowing they will have opportunities to sign the very best players and, numerous NCE Soccer players, have gone onto secure top University places.

“The College ID Camp is a terrific opportunity for students to get a taste of college life, to live and breathe as a college soccer athlete, ensuring they enter the process eye wide open.

“All in all, NCE Soccer’s College Programming System stands out as being a leader in its class, and with Pat Doyle’s expertise and leadership the process becomes a pleasure, not the nightmare many may fear.”

Crucial College Questions

  1. What do I hope to accomplish during my college years?
  2. What are the important characteristics that I want in my “ideal” college?
  3. What is the admission selectivity rate? What are colleges looking for?
  4. How do I fit their profile? How can I improve my student profile?
  5. What type of cultural environment do I want to be in?
  6. Is size, location, and visiting the college campus important?
  7. How do I choose a major? Do I have a potential career in mind?
  8. Are those programs offered at my college choices?
  9. How will the Career Center help me find an internship and job placement?
  10. How difficult is it to change majors, and what is the likelihood of being admitted into another school within the university?
  11. What type of learner am I? Am I looking at a college that suits my needs?
  12. How should I apply to college? Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision?
  13. How does the enrollment rate affect me as an applicant?
  14. How can I showcase my strengths?
  15. What is the retention rate and why does it matter?
  16. Will my application be reviewed differently based on the program to which I apply?

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