NCE Soccer are beginning preparations for the Coronavirus lockdown lift off – but the big kick-off looks unlikely to happen in May.

We, like you, are desperate to get back onto the field and resume our elite supplementary soccer program – but we must wait until it is safe to do so.

The NCE Soccer team will follow official guidelines and will resume the moment we are given the green light – but that looks likely to be at least a month away.

With that in mind, we have taken the decision to extend our own suspension of services until the end of May.

All players who have previously registered for our Spring programming scheduled to start in April/May, will automatically get moved into our proposed June start date.

As soon as we the authorities say it is safe to resume we will begin our 8-week program.


NCE Soccer Technical Director John Curtis, said: “This lockdown is hard to take, but we all have to do our bit to protect society, our care-workers and our families – and that means safety is our primary concern.

“We can’t wait to get back out onto the field but we have to consider the impact that may have on us, our incredibly talented students, their families and the wider community.

“Being outside and exercising appears to be perfectly safe, but the interaction with others outside our own intimate family circle appears to still carry risk – and so until we are told that risk has been eliminated, we have no choice.

“It is tough, but we are all in this together and I am sure you understand.

“Our brilliant team of staff are all at home unable to work and we are all itching to get back out there and continue with the sport we love, but we have to wait.

“We are talking constantly to our venue partners and to our international colleagues and the moment lock-down is lifted and we are able, we will be ready to go.

“For now, that means we have to continue the suspension of our program until the end of May – but rest assured, if the position changes before then, we will react immediately and resume the moment we can.


“In the meantime, stay safe, stay focused, and get involved with our TopTekkers partnership to work on your own individual skills so you are ready for the big kick-off in June….fingers crossed!”

NCE Soccer are continually considering ways to make training safer for students once the lock-down is lifted and we continue to monitor official guidance – and will consider next steps on a day-by-day basis.

Whilst we may not be meeting up on a regular basis we are still a team – a soccer family – and we want you to stay in touch via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

We want to see how you are spending the lockdown and the TopTekkers partnership, has ensured you are able to concentrate on skills development.

Take care, stay safe, and keep your kit ready for the lockdown lift-off!

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