NCE Soccer’s very best players are invited to an unlimited feast of football this Winter.

Players called-up to Regional Select Squads will be offered the opportunity to join ‘Winter Select.’

Winter Select is a new offering from NCE Soccer created to provide maximum opportunity for players who consistently excel.

The program provides more soccer than ever with:

  • Unlimited coaching at multiple venues
  • Six Winter tournaments including internal and external competition
  • Free Performance Profile with full evaluation at end of March

Winter Select allows players to attend as many NCE soccer coaching sessions as they wish – rather than only attending one specific venue.

It allows players to attend multiple venues across multiple regions if they wish, to receive coaching each and every week from December-to-March.

NCE Soccer founder John Curtis wants to provide the greatest opportunities for the best players to flourish.

“The Regional Select Squads are a reward for players who have consistently excelled in NCE Programming,” explained Coach Curtis.

“The squads represent the best players from all of the venues in each region who come together to form a Regional team.

“We want to fast track the development of those players, and reward their hard work and dedication with additional coaching.

“Winter Select allows those players selected to the Regional Select squad to receive coaching as often as they want.

“In theory, players can train every night with NCE if they wish and can manage the logistics of travelling.”

NCE Soccer provide supplementary soccer coaching to boys and girls aged 8-18-years at venues across America.

The venues are currently divided into four key regions; New York, New England, North Atlantic and Southern California.

Twelve players are selected from each region to form boys and girls teams to represent their respective age group from 2012s-to-2004s.

Those teams will face off against their respective age group from other regions at three NCE Soccer tournaments.

The teams will also compete at three external tournaments throughout the Winter months.

Top coaches from Universities, College and Professional teams have been attending the NCE tournaments on talent spotting missions.

“The word is out there that these events showcase the very best of NCE Soccer talent,” John added.

“They provide coaches from College and Pro Clubs to come and see the best of the best under one roof and they are proving increasingly popular.

“The Winter Select program allows those players and their families to map out their Winter training in advance which helps with planning and budgeting for events.”

The third key element to Winter Select is the inclusion of NCE Soccer’s Performance Profile.

This is a crucial evaluation tool created to provide unparalleled insight into individual performances.

It allows players to pinpoint weaknesses to improve and strengths they can super-strength.

“Players who join Winter Select will be provided with a free Performance Profile with a full evaluation provided at the end of the program in March,” John added.

“The Performance Profile is a very in-depth, deep down analysis of every aspect of each players game.

“The tool is marked in five key competencies; Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Social and Physical, but it goes far deeper than anything our players will have seen before.

“The Technical aspect for example is itself broken down into six key areas, which are themselves broken down into individual areas.

“The point of the Profile is that it pinpoints very specific areas that our players can work onto improve.”

Tryouts for the Fall and Winter season are now complete and those players selected for Regional Squads will have received an email.

Players can also see whether they are eligible for the Winter Select via the online Family Portal.

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