NCE Soccer is delighted to unveil the launch of our new Technical Training Program.

The Technical Training Program has been specially created to help aspiring players improve their technique with a specific focus on the development of core technical competencies.

Players will work on individual technical development, providing them with the foundation necessary to progress into more advanced soccer programming.

It has been created for aspiring Under 8s-to-Under 14 boys and girls and includes key concepts including turning, dribbling, running with the ball, passing, screening, receiving skills and ball striking.


This is an ‘open’ program and, unlike our elite COE Program, does not require players to qualify via tryouts.

“Using the right technique is crucial to performing well in more advanced soccer environments” explained NCE Soccer Technical Director John Curtis.

“As pressure and speed of play increase, individual techniques are tested. Players who have successfully honed core techniques, have a much greater chance of performing well as their environment becomes more challenging.

“We see this consistently in our COE program and one of the prerequisites for successfully navigating the tryout process is to demonstrate solid technical ability, across the core competencies of the game.

Individual Skills

“The Technical Training Program focuses on improving those individual techniques, with lots of ball each work and an abundance of individual attention.

NCE Soccer will launch the Technical Training Program in January from two centers.

Stony Brook University will host our New York Program and InSports in Trumbull our New England Program.

Core Competencies

The Program will run over 10 weeks and each 60 minute training session will include focused work on core skills.

Every player will work with their own ball during warm-ups and sessions will include dribbling, turning, ball mastery and manipulation, passing, receiving, small sided games and much more.

Players already within the NCE Soccer program can enlist for the Technical Training Program and registrations are open for new players, boys and girls aged 8-14-years.

To find out more talk our team via this link or see our Technical Training Program page for more details via this link.