NCE Soccer are delighted to launch the NCE Foundation – a charity arm designed to change lives through soccer.

The Foundation will raise funds and donate vital equipment for families and organizations who need help.

It means supporting projects in Brazil and South Africa by providing them with soccer apparel, balls, coaching tools and basics like sneakers and boots to assist their development.

NCE Soccer have donated $10,000 to kick-start the Foundation and already amassed a huge array of equipment thanks to our partnerships with and Nike.

Next week NCE Soccer founder John Curtis and the boys squad traveling to Brazil will hand over the first donation to a favela called Vila aliança in Rio de Janeiro.

“Its is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” explained NCE Soccer founder John Curtis.

“In recent visits to South Africa and Brazil, I was struck by the abject poverty of the families & children and saw a way we could help, by utilizing the pathways we’d developed in the US to support domestic children, to help foreign children gain access to the same pathways.

“Over the past several months NCE has been gathering new and lightly used gear to donate to those less fortunate, most immediately Brazil for our next tour.

“Along with the gear, NCE Foundation will also be donating $10,000 to the cause.

“While these funds donated in the US might positively impact one child or family, the same amount in Brazil or South Africa has the power to change multiple families for generations.”

Coach Curtis has always stressed the importance of NCE Soccer players giving back to their Community.

Indeed, those players enrolled in the Performance Profile gain additional marks towards their overall score for any community work they undertake.

NCE Soccer also recognize those efforts through the website and social media by regularly featuring stories to highlight their work.

Coach Curtis, added:  “At NCE, our focus has always been opportunity and pathways. Our pathways have helped thousands of players to leverage their soccer ability, to establish educational and even professional opportunities.

“To continue with another important aspect of opportunity for players, we’re creating a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we intend to use this as a vehicle for all our charitable efforts.

“Many of the players we work with already partake in charitable activities through their schools, churches, or clubs. Our aim is to align their efforts and create the means by which NCE players can help other players less fortunate than themselves, generating a significant positive impact for the recipients.”

* Families interested in donating to support children in need on our next tour in April are invited to contact John directly at [email protected].