Schedule, Refunds & Make Up FAQs

Can a player make up a COE session if they miss one?

Yes. if a player misses a session for whatever reason they are able to make up the missed session at a different COE venue in the same season.

Can a player carry missed sessions forward a season?

Yes, as long as the player is signed up for the new season. A player may carry missed sessions forward as long as they are registered for the new season.

Example – Player A misses 3 x Spring sessions, she doesn’t register for the Summer so is unable to make up the sessions in that season. She does register for the Fall and she’s able to attend her 8 regular sessions, plus another 3 sessions at other COE venues.

Can a player miss sessions in the Spring and then expect to have tuition pro rated for the following season?

No. Players cannot carry make up sessions forward unless they are registered for the season.

Where is the schedule posted?

All sessions are posted under the Schedule Tab on the homepage.

Schedule > Region > Program

What happens if  a session is canceled?

Players will be notified via email and the venue schedule will be updated accordingly

How are weather cancellations communicated?

Weather cancellations are communicated via email. Please do not email your Regional Director if you think the session may be canceled. We will contact you. Please note we do not cancel for rain…even very heavy rain!

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds or credits for anything other than tours. Once payment is received, and enrollment confirmed, fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If a player is unable to attend a session for any reason, they can make up the session/sessions at any other COE venue. If NCE sessions are suspended before the term is completed, and less than 50% of the sessions have been fulfilled, then a credit will be offered to those who are enrolled, equal to the number of sessions remaining, minus a $120 administrative fee. Credits can be used used towards future NCE programs.

Do you prorate your sessions?

No, we do not prorate our sessions, however players will have the option to attend another NCE location for any conflicts or to make up any missed sessions.