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“Do you have that Brazilian flair, the Samba spark?”

“Do you have that Brazilian flair, the Samba spark?”


Brazilian Giants

Fluminense FC

Fluminense Football Club are one of the giants of South America soccer.

They are the oldest club in Rio de Janeiro and will now work with NCE Soccer to spread their scouting network across the US with a host of Summer Soccer ID Camps.

In partnership with NCE Soccer and TetraBrazil, boys and girls aged Under 5s-to-Under 18s will be invited to attend week-long day camps.

The camps will provide specialist coaching for outfield players and goalkeepers to learn from professional Fluminense coaches and showcase their own talents.


Your Chance To Shine

How ID Camps Work?

Fluminense Talent ID Camps are delivered over five-days (Monday-to-Friday) with players group together as follows:

  • U5s to U8s
  • U9s – U12s
  • U13s – U15s
  • 16+
  • Goalkeepers

All attending players will receive a minimum of ten-hours coaching, guided and delivered with the ‘Fluminense DNA consisting of technical, tactical and physical aspects.

Aspiring goalkeepers will attend their age session plus an addition 45-minute session every day.


Unrivalled Insight

What’s Included?

Fluminense Talent ID Camps focus on the key fundamentals of the game.

They include:

  • Technical ability
  • Mastering 1v1 situations
  • Ball manipulation
  • Improving 1st t0uch
  • Running with the ball
  • Effective turns
  • Dribbling, tactical awareness
  • Shooting and finishing
  • Range of pass, speed
  • Agility and explosive dynamics
  • Positional awareness

All sessions build aerobic and anaerobic fitness as well as improving the most important aspects of football, namely ‘understanding the game’

Select Your Nearest Venue

Fluminense Football Club will operate three Talent ID Camps with NCE Soccer in the Summer of 2022.

Three venues will host week long camps in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for boys and girls aged Under 5s-to-Under 18s.

Fluminense FC coaches will provide a minimum of 15-hours coaching to all players over the course of the five days with specialist outfield and goalkeeper coaching.

Use our interactive map to find your nearest venue or talk to our team via the link.

Fluminense Talent ID Camps

Select Your Camp

Signing-up for the Fluminense Talent ID Camp is quick and easy – simply click the link of the venue of your choice and register details.

If you are already within the NCE Soccer database you are able to use your family log-in.

If you are new to NCE Soccer, simply register as a new account and follow the instructions.

CampDatesTime & Age GroupsMapSign Up
Fluminense FC ID Camp at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT
for 2016-2005 Players
6/26 to 6/309:00AM-12:00PM 2016-2005Western Connecticut State University , Danbury, CT Sign Up
Fluminense FC ID Camp at Saxon Woods Park in White Plains, NY
for 2016-2005 Players
6/26 to 6/305:30PM-8:30PM 2016-2005Saxon Woods, White Plains, NY Sign Up
Fluminense FC ID Camp at Chapel Avenue Park in West Cherry Hill, NJ
for 2015-2005 Players
7/31 to 8/049:00AM-12:00PM 2015-2005Chapel Avenue Park, West Cherry Hill, NJ Sign Up
Fluminense FC ID Camp at Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA
for 2009-2005 Players
8/07 to 8/115:00PM-8:00PM 2009-2005Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA Sign Up
Fluminense FC ID Camp at Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA
for 2016-2010 Players
8/07 to 8/119:00AM-12:00PM 2016-2010Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA Sign Up

Who Do I Need To Bring?2023-03-14T07:40:22-04:00

Players will be provided with a free training T-shirt.

They should arrive with suitable footwear and clothing – and be responsible for their own medical requirements, for example, inhalers for asthma.

What if my child is ill or can not attend camp?2022-06-13T12:39:11-04:00

Unfortunately, these are unforeseen circumstances that can not be avoided.

As camp providers, Pro Camps UK and NCE Soccer still have to cover the costs of providing these opportunities and so, refunds will only issued in extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the Camp Director.


Identification of key characteristics to be improved, should assist the player in forming a focussed plan of action for working on elements of the game that are less well established, as well as helping to reduce any uncertainty the player should have as to what to work on.

This feedback may then be used to form the basis of the initiation of training goals to facilitate the player improving their scores on the characteristics identified as well as impacting on other, related characteristics and, as a consequence, raise their competency scores overall.


All details for making payment can made via the player portal following registration.

Is The Camp Residential?2023-03-14T07:39:44-04:00

No. The Talent ID Camp has no options for accommodation. Any players attending will need to be at the camp location at the specific time allocated to their group.

How Much Do Camps Costs?2023-03-14T07:41:48-04:00

The cost of attending ID Talent Camps is $350.

Players are provided with a training T-shirt.

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